im wondering

how do you make those piece of shit chopsticks hold on the hair?? i haven’t made them yet (i have modelling stuff) so i need to know before i do. My clip-on ponytail holds too tightly on the base to allow space for other objects in there, even if i manage, they might look lopsided or fall off

-i noticed they’re not actually holding the hair but coming out from some kind of tie thingie.. what should i do?

i saw this girl (she’s the only one with closeups) with a sculped choker thing but i wonder how she made it able to put on/take off? because sculpey and fimo harden.. i went through the pictures trying to find a back shot, but nothing!

thank in advance

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    im not really an expert on this or anything but maybe you could try to make a V-shape thing(where both ties are...
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  4. hazama-kuroo said: For the choker have it split in half with stretchable string or fabric inside it so it snaps


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